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Mens Third Level Futsal Regionals this week

21 November 2010

Eight Mens and Five Womens Regional Futsal competitions will be held this week across the country.


Mens Competition Dates and Venues:

Regional competitions will take place on 22nd, 23rd and 24th and 25th November.

The following are the venues and organisers:

Monday 22nd of November:

NUI Maynooth Barry Prenderville (086) 7954367

Waterford IT Eric Marah 086-7816710

Tuesday 23rd of November:

University of Limerick, Limerick Stephen Griffin 086-7954373

University College Dublin John O’Carroll +353 86 7954371

Wednesday 24th of November:

IT Blanchardstown Maz Sweeney (086) 7954369

UU Jordanstown John O’Carroll +353 86 7954371

Thursday 25th November

IT Sligo and Emma Mullin 083-4348131

University College Cork Greg Yelverton (086) 7954506

The National Final will take place on Tuesday 1st March 2011. Winners of the National Final will be invited in association with CUSAI to enter the 8th European Universities Men’s Futsal Championship  in 2011. The winners from 2010, IT Carlow, represented Ireland at the European Futsal Championships in Zagreb (Croatia) in July, click here for more details:

Next year’s European Futsal Championships take place in Finland in July:

Venue - Waterford IT Monday
Organiser - Eric Marah 086-7816710
10:30 Waterford IT     Waterford IT B
11:00 IT Carlow     IT Carlow Wexford
11:30 Waterford IT B     Portlaoise College
12:00 Waterford IT     IT Carlow Wexford
12:30 IT Carlow     Portlaoise College
13:00 Break
13:30 IT Carlow Wexford     Waterford IT B
14:00 Waterford IT     IT Carlow
14:30 IT Carlow Wexford     Portlaoise College
15:00 IT Carlow     Waterford IT B
15:30 Waterford IT     Portlaoise College


Venue - NUI Maynooth Monday

Organiser - Barry Prenderville (086) 7954367
10:30 NUI Maynooth     NUI Maynooth B
11:00 Griffith College     DIT
11:30 NUI Maynooth B     IT Carlow
12:00 NUI Maynooth     DIT
12:30 Griffith College     IT Carlow
13:00 Break
13:30 DIT     NUI Maynooth B
14:00 NUI Maynooth     Griffith College
14:30 DIT     IT Carlow
15:00 Griffith College     NUI Maynooth B
15:30 NUI Maynooth     IT Carlow


Venue - UL Tuesday

Organiser - Stephen Griffin 086-7954373
10:30 UL     Mary I
10:30 UL B     Mary I B
11:00 GMIT     NUIG
11:00 UL     UL B
11:30 Mary I     GMIT
11:30 Mary I B     NUIG
12:00 UL     GMIT
12:00 UL B     NUIG
12:30 Break
13:00 Mary I     Mary I B
13:00 UL     NUIG
13:30 Mary I B     GMIT
13:30 Mary I     UL B
14:00 UL     Mary I B
14:00 Mary I     NUIG
14:30 UL B     GMIT


Venue - UCD Tuesday

Organiser - John O'Carroll 086-7954371
10:30 UCD     ITT Dublin
11:00 IT Carlow     Senior College D
11:30 ITT Dublin     Drogheda Inst
12:00 UCD     Senior College D
12:30 IT Carlow     Drogheda Inst
13:00 Break
13:30 Senior College D     ITT Dublin
14:00 UCD     IT Carlow
14:30 Senior College D     Drogheda Inst
15:00 IT Carlow     ITT Dublin
15:30 UCD     Drogheda Inst


Venue - Blanchardstown IT Wednesday

Organiser - Maz Sweeney 086-7954369
11:00 Blanchardstown IT     Dublin City University
11:30 St Pats Drumcondra     DIT
12:00 Dublin City University     Trinity College
12:30 Blanchardstown IT     DIT
13:00 St Pats Drumcondra     Trinity College
13:30 DIT     Dublin City University
14:00 Blanchardstown IT     St Pats Drumcondra
14:30 DIT     Trinity College
15:00 St Pats Drumcondra     Dublin City University
15:30 Blanchardstown IT     Trinity College


Venue - UU Jordanstown Wednesday

Organiser - John O'Carroll 086-7954371
11:30 Queens University     Belfast Metro
12:00 UU Jordanstown     Belfast Metro
12:30 Queens University     UU Jordanstown
13:30 Belfast Metro     Queens University
14:00 Belfast Metro     UU Jordanstown
14:30 UU Jordanstown     Queens University


Venue - IT Sligo Thursday

Organiser - Emma Mullin 083-4348131
10:30 IT Sligo     IT Sligo B
11:00 Athlone IT     Athlone IT B
11:30 IT Sligo B     GMIT Castlebar
12:00 IT Sligo     Athlone IT B
12:30 Athlone IT     GMIT Castlebar
13:00 Break
13:30 Athlone IT B     IT Sligo B
14:00 IT Sligo     Athlone IT
14:30 Athlone IT B     GMIT Castlebar
15:00 Athlone IT     IT Sligo B
15:30 IT Sligo     GMIT Castlebar


Venue - UCC Thursday

Organiser - Greg Yelverton (086) 7954506
11:00 UCC     Cork IT
11:30 Cork College of Commerce     IT Tralee
12:15 UCC     IT Tralee
12:45 Cork College of Commerce     Cork IT
13:45 UCC     Cork College of Commerce
14:30 Cork IT     IT Tralee
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