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Mens Futsal Results from WIT and NUI Maynooth

22 November 2010

The mens regional finals kicked off today (monday) at Waterford IT and NUI Maynooth.

Waterford IT

Last year’s winners of the National Futsal finals IT Carlow entered these regional finals as red hot favorites and they did not disappoint. They opened their account with a convincing 3-1 win over IT Carlow B, before comprehensively beating Portlaoise by 6 goals to 2. But it was not all plain sailing for the Carlow side as they had to dig out a last second equalizing goal against IT Waterford A. IT Carlow A then wrapped up the top spot by just one point with victory over Waterford IT B. Ray Fox and Shane Tracey put in solid performances throughout the four games.

Best Players:

IT Carlow A: Ray Foy and Shane Tracey, IT Carlow B: Tom Elmes, Waterford IT A: Kevin Burns, Waterford IT B: Dylan Mernagh, Portlaoise: Thomas Wright


Waterford IT A 2 Waterford IT B 2
Scorers WIT A: Aaron Kehoe, Shane Nolan     WIT B:  Dylan Mernagh

IT Carlow A 3 IT Carlow B 1
Scorers IT Carlow IT A: Chris Kerr(2), Ray Foy  Carlow B: Robert Farrell

Waterford IT B 3 Portlaoise College 1
Scorers WIT B: Tomas Placek, Baptiste Lebufnoire, Fernando Prieto  Pérez ,    Portlaoise: Thomas Wright

Waterford IT 3 IT Carlow IT B 5
Scorers  WIT A:  Paul Carey, Kalin Kelly(2)   Carlow B: David Cummins,Paddy Carey, Robert Farrell, Gary Sweeney(2)

IT Carlow A 6 Portlaoise College 2
Scorers IT Carlow A: Chris Kerr, Arminas Balevicius, Ray Foy(2), Pierce Donnachie, Craig Wall       Portlaoise: Thomas Wright, Gary Dunne

IT Carlow B 4 Waterford IT B 2
Scorers IT Carlow B: Tom Elmes(2), Gary Sweeney, Robert Farrell   WIT B: Gary Redmond, Fernando Prieto Pérez

Waterford IT A 3 Carlow IT A 3
Scorers WIT A: Craig Hore(3)     Carlow A : Ben Ryan(2), Shane Tracey

IT Carlow B 5 Portlaoise College 2
Scorers Carlow B: Paddy Carey(2), Gary Smith, Tom Elmes(2)    Portlaoise: Gary Dunne, Mark Dowling,

IT Carlow A 4 Waterford IT B 2
Scorers Carlow A: Ben Ryan, Ray Fox, Pierce Donnachie (2)    WIT B: Gary Redmond, Tomas Placek

Waterford IT A 1 Portlaoise College 2
Scorers WIT A: Shane Morrissey    Portlaoise: Gary Dunne (2)


Waterford IT A: Kevin Burns, Aaron Kehoe, Shane Nolan, Graham Henry, Paul Carey, Craig Hore, Shane Sinnott, Kalin Kelly, Shane Morrissey, Liam Stack.

Waterford IT B: Dylan Sparrow, Gary Redmond, Dylan Mernagh, Tomas Placek, Baptiste Lebufnoire, Robbie Kavanagh, Andy Kavanagh, Matthieu Donnart, Fernando Prieto Pérez.

IT Carlow A: Craig Sexton, Ben Ryan, Chris Kerr, Arminas Balevicius, Ray Foy, Pierce Donnachie, Craig Wall, Shane Tracy.

IT Carlow B: David Cummins, Paddy Carey, Tom Elmes, Robert Farrell, Gary Smith, Colm Conniffe, Gary Sweeney.

Portlaoise College: Kurt Clover, Jeff Phelan, Gearoid Gaughan, Shane Forde, Philip Ivors, Craig Caffrey, Thomas Wright, Alex Techera, Gary Dunne, Mark Dowling.

IT Carlow4310168810
IT Carlow B4301151059
Waterford IT B 4112911-24
Portlaoise College4103715-83
Waterford IT4022912-32


NUI Maynooth Venue
Carlow IT were the strongest team on show at NUI Maynooth today in the NUI Maynooth futsal regional and deservedly progressed to the finals. However Carlow did not have things all their own way in this hotly contested competition drawing with NUI Maynooth A & DIT early in the day. DIT showed great determination to beat NUI Maynooth A 3 -2 to advance to the final facing Carlow. Carlow proved to strong for DIT in the final winning 6 – 0.


NUI Maynooth A : Niall Coffee, Jonathon Greaves, G Hanley, Eoin Powderly, Paul O Brien, Peter Gannon, James Carolan, Alex Reilly, Jake Carroll

IT Carlow : Karl Doherty, Bobby Tier, Jon Kelty, John Yeates, James Scallan, Nicky Cosgrave, Adam Hanlon, Clive Crammond.

DIT : Peter Flood, Alberto Perez, Javier Rodriguez, Guillaume Lassalle, Eunan Treacy, Ferran Marn, Alan Corcoran, Samuel Olowoyo, Conor Clack, Edward Fagan

NUI Maynooth B : Paul lewis, Paddy Broughan, Trevor Screeney, Aaron Farrell, Louis McHugh, Dean McMahon, Paul Culinane

Results from the West Dublin CUFL  futsal regional

NUI Maynooth A 5 NUI Maynooth B 2
Scorers: J Carroll 2, J Greaves, P Gannon, Niall Coffee. NUIM B A Farrell, P McHugh.

NUI Maynooth A 3 Carlow I T 3 Scorers: NUIM: J Carroll 2, J Carolan. ITC B Tier, A Hanlon, C Crammond

Carlow I T 2 DIT 2
Scorers: J Yeates, B Tier. DIT C Clack, J Rodriguez

DIT 5 NUI Maynooth B 2
Scorers DIT: P Flood 2, A Perez, C Clack, J Rodriguez. NUIM: A Farrell 2

NUI Maynooth B 0 Carlow I T 7
Scorers: N Cosgrave 4, J Scanlan, J Yeates, C Crammond   

NUI Maynooth 2 DIT 3
Scorers NUIM J Carroll, J Greaves. DIT: A Perez, E Fagan, F Marn

3rd & 4th place
NUI Maynooth A 2 NUI Maynooth B 8
Scorers NUIM A: Reilly, Carroll. NUIM B: N Brenan 7, D McMahon

IT Carlow 6 DIT 0
Scorers: J Scanlan 3, N Cosgrave, B Tier, J Kelty

IT Carlow42205058
NUI Maynooth421113857
NUI Maynooth B4103717-103
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