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UCC Sports Scholarships

19 January 2015

University College Cork provides elite sportspersons with the opportunity to apply for a variety of Sports Scholarships whilst pursuing their academic & sporting careers.

UCC has a long established Sports Scholarship Scheme in place. In 2008 UCC became a member of the Irish Institute of Sport Elite Athletics Scholarship Programme.

- UCC Soccer Scholarship

- Roy Keane UCC Sport 100 Soccer Scholarship

- UCC/Trend Micro Soccer Scholarship

Quercus Sports Scholarships 2015/2016

Friday, February 6th, 2015.

See Link below:

UCC are pleased to announce that we will be awarding up to 5 Quercus Scholarships for Sport to registered undergraduates in 2015/16. These students should demonstrate an exceptional level of excellence in their chosen Sport and will have been selected by the Scholarship Panel for a Quercus Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits
The five strands of talented students within the programme will benefit from a wide range of academic, financial, personal, and other supports. Each talented student will begin the programme with a one-to-one meeting with the Director of the Quercus Programme.

Feel free to contact Greg Yelverton with any questions.

Greg Yelverton
UCC/FAI Football Facilitator or

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