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21 February 2015

The IUFU have released statement in relation to the 2015 Collingwood Cup that begins in Galway on Monday.

"The Irish Universities Football Union (IUFU) the governing body for soccer in Irish Universities throughout the island of Ireland greatly regrets the fact that it has had to exclude the University of Ulster Jordanstown (UUJ) team from this year's Collingwood Cup which begins in Galway on Monday February 23.
It recently came to the attention of the IUFU that the Ulster University authorities intended to play players from the Magee Campus of the Ulster University on the UUJ team.
The IUFU made it clear that this was not and never has been permissible. Regrettably, the Ulster University authorities refused to agree to an all UUJ team and, accordingly the IUFU had no option but to refuse them entry to this years tournament.
Further more the IUFU also wishes to point out that no entry or affiliation fees have yet been paid on behalf of UUJ.
The IUFU wishes to express its particular regret that the management and players from UUJ have been denied the opportunity to compete in this year's Collingwood Cup but stresses that it cannot permit its rules and long established practice to be breached.
Brendan Dillon, Hon Secretary, Irish Universities Football Union.
February 21 2015

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