faqs regarding cfai cup competitions

FAQS Regarding CFAI Cup competitions

29 November 2008

From:Paddy Gleeson Sent: 18 November 2008 18:26


Just a few quick reminders, I will be responsible for all CFAI Cups competitions for 08/09. As all first rounds are to commence this week i have a few requests to make.I have recieved FAQS in the last few days and wanted everone to be aware of the procedures. The majority of the rules are the same as the league. However these are a few questions and answers

1.Whos responsibility is it to report the result? It is the responsibility of the home team to email me( to this address) the result within 24hours of the match ending.

2 Where do we sent the match card?.Can you send the match card to Paddy Gleeson, Colaiste Stiofain Naofa, Tramore Rd, Cork within 48hours of the match ending.

3. What happens in the event of the match ending a draw? In the event of extra time 15mins each way will be played, following that a peno shootout (5penos each, followed by sudden death)

4.How many subs can we use? You can use 5 substitutes from a list of 7.

5. Do we need 3 officals? You are required to have 3 officals for all Umbro Cup games.

6. What match card do we use? You can use the online match card for the Umbro Colleges & Universities league ( Just note its a cup game on the front page)

7. Do we have to use Umbro Balls? It is a requirement that all teams use Umbro match balls for all league & cup competitions

8. Do we go into the plate if we loose in round 2 of a cup? No, only teams that loose in round 1 will go into the Umbro Plate

9. Do we go into the plate if we got a bye in round 1 and loose that 1st game? No only teams that loose in round 1 go into the plate.

Should you have any further queries regarding the Cup Competitions just drop me an email or contact me at 021 4961020

Mr. Patrick Gleeson ( CFAI Competitions Coordinator)

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