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06 April 2009

On visiting South Africa, Aidan Gallagher, a retired Irish teacher met a local teacher, Isaac Arendse, who is responsible for the development of soccer in all schools in South Africa. Aidan discovered that it is normal for many of the young players (boys and girls) not to wear jerseys, shorts or football boots! Indeed often teams play in their “skins” or in the clothes they are wearing. This prompted him to set up STRIP FOR AFRICA - an initiative that aims to fill a 40ft. Container with used sports gear – jerseys, shorts, socks (but no boots) for distribution in South African Schools. The personal note from Isaac reflects the significance of such an initiative.

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“I was both elated and ecstatic when you gave me the good news re the jerseys.
The United Schools Sports Association of South Africa Football caters for the development of all school going children playing in football in the country.  This is for Primary schools, High Schools Farm schools, Rural Schools and for the learners with Special Educational Needs. As most of the players come from previously disadvantaged areas, football apparel and technical equipment is nonexistent. In some areas, especially in the rural areas, players haven’t seen a proper football in their lives. Most of the players and teams at schools don’t have a set of jerseys or any playing gear. Recently at a national tournament some teams/players did not have boots or even shin pads. In view of this, we are grateful for your initiative Strip for Africa. This will help to alleviate in addressing the problems that we are experiencing. Players, parents, schools and communities will value your contribution in this regard. For this, on behalf of all the footballers in this country, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Words cannot describe the excitement that we are experiencing.
To you and all other parties involved, my personal gratitude – Iaasc”

 TUI along with other teacher unions and organisations, sports clubs and some companies are seeking your support at local level for STRIP FOR AFRICA. 

The programme is supported by: TUI; INTO; ASTI; AE Consulting; Cornmarket Financial Group; Topflight Sports for Schools; Cumann na mBunscoil; National Truck Rentals; FAI


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Any queries, please contact Aidan Gallagher at 087 647 4258

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