collingwood cup fixtures 2010

23 February 2010

All the times and venues are listed below

Collingwood Cup

Monday Round One

Match (A) Mary Immaculate v Cork  Prehen                       11AM

Match (B) UCD v Maynooth              St Columb's                 11AM

Match (C) UUJ v DCU                       Prehen                        2.30PM

Match (D) UUC v Queens                  St Columb's                2.30PM

Match (E) NUIG v Surgeons              Lisnagelvin                  11AM

Tuesday Quarter Finals

Match (F) Winner A v Winner B         Prehen                        2.30PM

Match (G) Winner C v Winner D        St Columbs                 2.30PM

Match (H) Winner E v UL                   Lisnagelvin                  2.30PM

Match (I) Magee v Trinity                   Showgrounds              2.30PM

Wednesday Semi Finals

(J) Winner F v Winner G                    Swilly Stadium            2.30PM

(K) Winner H v Winner I                     Lisnagelvin                  2.30PM

Thursday Final

(L) Winner J v Winner K                     Brandywell Stadium    2pm

Farquhar Cup

Wednesday Semi Finals

(M) Loser F v Loser G                        Prehen                        11AM

(N) Loser H v Loser I                          Lisnagelvin                  11AM

Thursday Final

(O) Winner M v Winner N                   Showgrounds              11AM

Spillane Cup Tuesday

(P) Loser A v Loser B                         Prehen                        11AM

(Q) Loser C v Loser D                        St. Columbs                11AM

Wednesday Semi Final

(R) Winner P v Loser E                      Duncreggan                11AM

Final Thursday

(S) Winner Q v Winner R                   Swilly Stadium            11AM

Duggan Cup

Final - Wednesday

(T) Loser P v Loser Q                         Duncreggan                2.30PM

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