fai unbeatable season ticket offer

21 June 2011

You can get tickets for 7 games, including Play Offs if we reach them for just 27 per game for adults and 8 for children!

What are the selling points for this year’s Season Ticket?

The big one is that we have children’s season tickets for the first time from just €55 for seven matches – that is less than €8 a match.

Secondly, adult’s tickets are great value too, starting from just €189 for all seven games – a discount of up to 30% on last year’s prices and only €27 a match.

Thirdly, if the team makes a play off in November, the season ticket holders will get this crucial match for no additional charge.

Lastly, if we do end up playing England at home in February, your season ticket will include that unmissable moment too; so why would anyone not want to have one!!!

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