wscai intervarsities 2007

10 March 2007

WSCAI Intervarsities (2007)

Qualifying Group A:

Garda - Templemore431090910
Waterford IT421112397
Galway Mayo IT42115237
Mary Immaculate411223-14
Cork IT4004121-200


Saturday, 17th February 2007:

Cork IT 0-7 Garda - Templemore

Galway Mayo IT 1-1 Waterford IT

Garda - Templemore 1-0 Galway Mayo IT

Cork IT 0-2 Mary Immaculate

Mary Immaculate 0-1 Galway Mayo IT

Cork IT 1-9 Waterford IT

Waterford IT 0-1 Garda - Templemore

Cork IT 0-3 Galway Mayo IT

Waterford IT 2-0 Mary Immaculate

Garda - Templemore 0-0 Mary Immaculate


Qualifying Group B:

Letterkenny IT33009189
Dublin University32017256
NUI Maynooth310229-73
UU Colraine300306-60


Dublin University 1-2 Letterkenny IT

NUI Maynooth 0-5 Letterkenny IT

NUI Maynooth 0-4 Dublin University

Dublin University 2-0 UU Colraine

UU Colraine 0-2 Letterkenny IT

UU Colraine 0-2 NUI Maynooth


Group A:

Waterford IT21102114
University of Limerick21018263
Tralee IT201107-71


Thursday, 8th March 2007:

Tralee IT 0-0 Waterford IT

University of Limerick 7-0 Tralee IT

Friday, 9th March 2007:

Waterford IT 2-1 University of Limerick


Group B:

Dublin University21017613
Dublin City University200249-50


Thursday, 8th March 2007:

Dublin University 6-3 Dublin City University

U.C.D. 3-1 Dublin University

Friday, 9th March 2007:

Dublin City University 1-3 U.C.D.


Group C:

Sligo IT21105054
Garda - Templemore21101014
University College Cork200206-60


Thursday, 8th March 2007:

University College Cork 0-5 Sligo IT

Garda - Templemore 1-0 University College Cork

Friday, 9th March 2007:

Sligo IT 0-0 Garda - Templemore


Group D:

Letterkenny IT2200120126
NUI Galway210126-43
Inchicore College200208-80


Thursday, 8th March 2007:

Inchicore College 0-6 Letterkenny IT

NUI Galway 2-0 Inchicore College

Friday, 9th March 2007:

Letterkenny IT 6-0 NUI Galway


Intervarsity Cup:

Sligo IT 0-0 Letterkenny IT

Waterford IT 0-2 U.C.D.

Saturday, 10th March 2007

Sligo IT 6-0 U.C.D.


Intervarsity Plate:

Friday, 9th March 2007:

Garda - Templemore 3-1 NUI Galway

Dublin University 1-5 University of Limerick

Saturday, 10th March 2007:

University of Limerick 2-1 Garda - Templemore

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