tuesday regional mens futsal

13 March 2012

UCC B won this year’s regional Futsal tournament in UCC Mardyke arena. The all international student team showed some good experience to beat last year’s winners CIT in the final.

After a slow start the UCC B team gained good confidence and produced there best play in the semi finals and final.

CIT last years winners looked like they would be the team to beat and with the experienced they gain from the European Futsal Championships in Finland last year. However UCC B team played brilliantly in the final and held a great shape which made them very difficult to break down. They deserved to win the final and go on to the National Finals on March 27th.


UCC 1 UCC B OScorers: UCC Kevin O Connor

CIT 3 COL OF COMM 0 Scorers: CIT: John Forrest, Barry O Sullivan, Wesley Tong

UCC 2 CIT 7 Scorers: UCC: Cillian O Conghaide 2.    CIT: Barry O Sullivan 3, Mark Reardon 2, Stephen Morrisey, Wesley Tong

UCC B 4 COL OF COMM 1 Scorers: Diego Arilla 2, Alfonso Aizpin, Sergio Carneo.   Col Of Comm: David Manley

UCC 7 COL OF COMM 6 Scorers: UCC: Shane Barry 4, Conor Barry, Killian Murphy, Cillian O Conghaide. Col Of Comm: Sean Moynihan x 3, David Manley x 2, Mark Parkes.

UCC B 1 CIT 2 Scorers: UCC B: Diego Arilla. CIT: OG Paul Westerhof, Stephen Morrissey

Semi Finals

CIT 10 COL OF COMM 0 Scorers: CIT: Wesley Tong 4, Mark Reardon 3, John Forrest, Gavin Mulcahy, Stephen Morrissey.

UCC 1 UCC B 4 Scorers: UCC B: Alfonso Aizpun, Sergio Carnero2, Diego Arilla. UCC: Gary Burke


UCC B 3 CIT 1 Scorers: UCC B: Alexander Fuchs, Alfonso Aizpun, OG Gavin Mulcahy. CIT: Barry O Sullivan


UCC A: Ryan O Neill, Kevin O Connor, Cillian O Conghaide, Killian Murphy, Conor Barry, Shane Barry, Gary Burke, Peter Neville

UCC B: Alfonso Aizpun, Paul Westerhof, Roberto Bernabeu, Sergio Carnero, Diego Arilla, Alexander Fuchs, Tobias Stecher

CIT: Charlie Foley, John Forrest, Colm Nugent, Stephen Morrissey, Mark Reardon, Wesley Tong, Gavin McCarthy, Barry O Sullivan, Barry Galvin

Cork College of Commerce: Sean Moynihan, David Manley, Mark Parkes, Denis Cotter, Brian Downling.

Top goal  scorer: Wesley Tong (6 goals)

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