irish football national draw

21 September 2015

Irish Football National Draw - Easiest was to raise funds for your college club

The draw provide clubs and college teams with a risk free and effective means of fundraising. The draw is now a tried and tested fundraiser with more than 600 clubs involved so far.
The concept is very simple:
1) The FAI organises all prizes, the final draw, printing, licensees etc.
2) Clubs purchase tickets from the FAI for €1.50 each
3) Clubs sell the tickets for €10 each
4) All money from all tickets sold is kept by the club - €8.50 profit from every ticket

Get your players and coaches to sell a few tickets each and it can go a long way to covering your CUFL costs. The average number of tickets sold by clubs is 240, and that means over €2,000 profit, and you might have a few prize winners.

The closing date for ordering tickets is October 7th. You'll have until 29th October to sell them and get them back to the FAI for the main draw which will take place in the Aviva Stadium on November 8th.

For more information or to place and order visit the website If you have any questions please email

Don't miss this unique opportunity to help fund your CUFL football for the year.

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