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Intervarsity Qualifiers - Match Fixtures and Rules

23 January 2009

Group Fixtures/Schedule and Rules for the Intervarsity Qualifiers Saturday 7th Feb 2009

Group 1
Location: Maynooth
TimeTeam 1 Team 2
11:00NUI MaynoothvITT Dublin
13:10UUvNUI Maynooth
14:10CCFEvITT Dublin
15:20NUI MaynoothvCCFE
16:30UUvITT Dublin



Group 2
Location: Athlone
TimeTeam 1 Team 2
12:00CITvMary Immaculate
13:10AITvMary Immaculate
16:30TrinityvMary Immaculate



Group 3
Location: Athlone
TimeTeam 1 Team 2
12:00ITT TraleevWIT
14:40QUBvITT Tralee



  • 50 minute games (25mins each half with 5 minute half time with a quick turnaround)
  • The 2 teams not on field must be warmed up and ready to start once game on field is over.
  • A win earns 3 point.
  • A draw earns 1 point.
  • Goal Difference will not be taken in to consideration when deciding the winner of the group.
  • At the end of the respective group matches if there is a tie on points the following will apply:
    • 2 teams tied: Penalty shootout. 5 spot kick from a nominated 11 players. sudden deah if necessary
    • 3 teams tied: The first 2 teams drawn out of a hat will contest the penatly shootout and the winner will then have a shootout with the 3rd remaining team to decide the winner.
    • 4 teams tied: A knockout format. The winner of the first 2 teams drawn out of a hat to shootout against the winner of the 3rd and 4th team.
  • This schedul is not final. If any team drops out then IF NECESSARY the executive committee will Re Jig the groups accordingly.
  • All teams must email you gear colours before the weekend in case of clashes.
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