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WSCAI League 2008

01 April 2008

WSCAI League (2007/08)

Premier Division:

University of Limerick109104964328
Sligo IT1062227111620
Garda - Templemore106042214818
NUI Galway103071433-199
University College Cork102171026-167
Waterford IT101271143-325


Friday, 19th October 2007:

University College Cork 2-1 NUI Galway

University of Limerick 4-1 Garda - Templemore

Sligo IT 3-0 Waterford IT

Friday, 26th October 2007:

Sligo IT 3-0 University College Cork

NUI Galway 1-8 University of Limerick

Tuesday, 30th October 2007:

Garda - Templemore 5-0 Waterford IT

Friday, 9th November 2007:

University College Cork 0-3 University of Limerick

Waterford IT 4-3 NUI Galway

Sligo IT 2-0 Garda - Templemore

Friday, 16th November 2007:

Garda - Templemore 3-0 NUI Galway

University of Limerick 1-0 Sligo IT

Waterford IT 2-2 University College Cork

Monday, 19th November 2007:

NUI Galway 4-3 Sligo IT

Friday, 30th November 2007:

University College Cork 0-2 Garda - Templemore

Friday, 7th December 2007:

Garda - Templemore 1-4 University of Limerick

Friday, 25th January 2008:

Waterford IT 2-2 Sligo IT

NUI Galway 2-0 University College Cork

Friday, 1st February 2008:

Garda - Templemore 1-2 Sligo IT

NUI Galway 3-0 Waterford IT

University of Limerick 5-0 University College Cork

Friday, 8th February 2008:

University College Cork 3-2 Waterford IT

Sligo IT 2-2 University of Limerick

NUI Galway 0-1 Garda - Templemore

Friday, 15th February 2008:

University of Limerick 5-0 NUI Galway

Waterford IT 0-5 Garda - Templemore

University College Cork 1-3 Sligo IT

Friday, 22nd February 2008:

Waterford IT 1-3 University of Limerick

Wednesday, 27th February 2008:

Garda - Templemore 3-2 University College Cork

Sligo IT 7-0 NUI Galway

University of Limerick 14-0 Waterford IT


First Division:

Letterkenny IT65012241815
Dublin City University53021314-19
Tralee IT52127527
Inchicore College6123714-75
Cork IT6105720-133


Friday, 19th October 2007:

CCFE 1-8 Letterkenny IT

U.C.D. 4-1 Cork IT

Tralee IT 0-0 Inchicore College

Friday, 26th October 2007:

Cork IT 0-4 Tralee IT

Inchicore College 2-2 CCFE

Letterkenny IT 6-0 Dublin City University

Friday, 9th November 2007:

Dublin City University 6-2 Cork IT

Inchicore College 0-3 U.C.D.

Tralee IT 0-2 Letterkenny IT

Friday, 30th November 2007:

Inchicore College 2-4 Dublin City University

Cork IT 2-1 CCFE

U.C.D. 3-1 Letterkenny IT

Friday, 7th December 2007:

CCFE 3-0 Dublin City University

Cork IT 2-3 Inchicore College

U.C.D. 3-0 Tralee IT

Friday, 25th January 2008:

Tralee IT 3-0 CCFE

Letterkenny IT 3-0 Inchicore College

Dublin City University 3-1 U.C.D.

Friday, 29th February 2008:

CCFE 0-4 U.C.D.

Letterkenny IT 2-0 Cork IT

Wednesday, 12th March 2008:

Dublin City University - Tralee IT


Ulster Division:

Queens University Belfast4301121029
UU Jordanstown3201222206
UU Colraine320110286
North West Institute4202620-146
Limavaddy College4004319-160


Wednesday, 27th February 2008:

Queens University Belfast 2-0 UU Jordanstown

UU Jordanstown 14-0 North West Institute

Limavaddy College 2-6 Queens University Belfast

Limavaddy College 0-8 UU Jordanstown

UU Colraine 1-2 North West Institute

UU Colraine 2-0 Limavaddy College

Friday, 29th February 2008:

North West Institute 1-4 Queens University Belfast

UU Jordanstown - UU Colraine

Wednesday, 5th March 2008:

North West Institute 3-1 Limavaddy College

Queens University Belfast 0-7 UU Colraine


Connacht / Munster Division:

Athlone IT33009099
Galway Mayo IT32015506
Mary Immaculate301236-31
Sligo IT301217-61
Limerick IT00000000
University of Limerick00000000


Friday, 26th October 2007:

Athlone IT 4-1 University of Limerick

Galway Mayo IT 3-2 Mary Immaculate

Friday, 9th November 2007:

Mary Immaculate 1-1 Sligo IT

Athlone IT 3-0 Galway Mayo IT

University of Limerick - Limerick IT

Friday, 30th November 2007:

Galway Mayo IT - University of Limerick

Sligo IT 0-4 Athlone IT

Limerick IT - Mary Immaculate

Friday, 7th December 2007:

Galway Mayo IT 2-0 Sligo IT

Athlone IT - Limerick IT

University of Limerick 3-3 Mary Immaculate

Friday, 25th January 2008:

Sligo IT 2-0 University of Limerick

Limerick IT - Galway Mayo IT

Sunday, 10th February 2008:

Sligo IT - Limerick IT

Thursday, 6th March 2008:

Mary Immaculate 0-2 Athlone IT


Leinster Div A:

NUI Maynooth55002361715
St. Patricks College54012171412
Carlow IT5302181089
Dublin University5203615-96
Drogheda CFE51041025-153


Friday, 26th October 2007:

U.C.D. 0-4 Drogheda CFE

NUI Maynooth 4-2 St. Patricks College

Carlow IT 3-0 Dublin University

Friday, 9th November 2007:

Drogheda CFE 0-3 Dublin University

St. Patricks College 4-1 Carlow IT

U.C.D. 1-4 NUI Maynooth

Friday, 30th November 2007:

Dublin University 0-6 St. Patricks College

Carlow IT 6-2 U.C.D.

NUI Maynooth 8-2 Drogheda CFE

Friday, 7th December 2007:

Drogheda CFE 2-6 St. Patricks College

U.C.D. 1-2 Dublin University

NUI Maynooth 2-0 Carlow IT

Friday, 25th January 2008:

Carlow IT 8-2 Drogheda CFE

Dublin University 1-5 NUI Maynooth

St. Patricks College 3-0 U.C.D.


Leinster Div B:

Dundalk IT53022212109
IT Tallaght4103230-283


Friday, 26th October 2007:

IT Tallaght 0-8 DIT

RCSI 4-0 Dundalk IT

Friday, 9th November 2007:

Dundalk IT 15-0 IT Tallaght


Friday, 30th November 2007:

RCSI 0-2 IT Tallaght

Dundalk IT 2-0 DIT

Wednesday, 5th December 2007:

Dundalk IT 5-2 RCSI

DIT 7-0 IT Tallaght

Friday, 25th January 2008:

IT Tallaght - Dundalk IT


Friday, 1st February 2008:

IT Tallaght - RCSI

DIT 6-0 Dundalk IT

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