Women's Soccer Colleges Association of Ireland

WSCAI First Division Fixtures 2008/09

08 October 2008

Here are the fixtures for this season:

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 To Be Played ByHomeAway
Round 117/10/2008IT Tralee WomensFREE
 17/10/2008St Patricks College Drumcondra WomensWaterfordIT Womens
 17/10/2008CCFE WomensAthlone IT Womens
 17/10/2008DublinCity University WomensLetterkenny IT Womens
Round 224/10/2008FREESt Patricks College Drumcondra Womens
 24/10/2008IT Tralee WomensAthlone IT Womens
 24/10/2008WaterfordIT WomensDublinCity University Womens
 24/10/2008Letterkenny IT WomensCCFE Womens
Round 307/11/2008Athlone IT WomensFREE
 07/11/2008DublinCity University WomensSt Patricks College Drumcondra Womens
 07/11/2008Letterkenny IT WomensIT Tralee Womens
 07/11/2008CCFE WomensWaterfordIT Womens
Round 414/11/2008WaterfordIT WomensFREE
 14/11/2008CCFE WomensIT Tralee Womens
 14/11/2008St Patricks College Drumcondra WomensLetterkenny IT Womens
 14/11/2008Athlone IT WomensDublinCity University Womens
Round 528/11/2008Letterkenny IT WomensFREE
 28/11/2008DublinCity University WomensCCFE Womens
 28/11/2008WaterfordIT WomensAthlone IT Womens
 28/11/2008IT Tralee WomensSt Patricks College Drumcondra Womens
Round 606/02/2009FREECCFE Womens
 06/02/2009Letterkenny IT WomensWaterfordIT Womens
 06/02/2009IT Tralee WomensDublinCity University Womens
 06/02/2009Athlone IT WomensSt Patricks College Drumcondra Womens
Round 713/02/2009FREEDublinCity University Womens
 13/02/2009Athlone IT WomensLetterkenny IT Womens
 13/02/2009St Patricks College Drumcondra WomensCCFE Womens
 13/02/2009WaterfordIT WomensIT Tralee Womens
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